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Thirteen Ming Tombs Beijing Qinglong Canyon Wanfotang Hall Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot Reclining Buddha Temple Beijing Workers Stadium
Beihai Park
IntroductionBeihai Park located in central Beijing, is o­ne of the oldest and most authentic
Mei Lanfang Memorial
IntroductionMei Lanfang Memorial is o­ne of the historic sites under the protection of Beiji
Guo Moruo Memorial
IntroductionGuomoruo memorial is a key historic site under national protection and a patriotic e
Prince Gong’s Mansion
IntroductionPrince Gong's Mansion is situated o­n the West Qianhai Street. It is the bes
Jingshan Park
IntroductionJingshan Park, a beautiful royal landscape garden, is situated in the center of Beij
Shichahai Pub Street
IntroductionShishahai pub street located in Northwest of Beijing, Shichahai is easily accessible
Baiyunguan Temple
IntroductionBaiyunguan Temple is located 1,500 meters southeast of the Muxidi subway station and
Guangji Temple
IntroductionGuangji temple was originally built in the Jin dynasty (280-316AD), but was com
Yuetan Park
IntroductionAlso known as Xiyuetan (Altar of Night Moon), the Yuetan (Altar of the Moon) lies in
National Grand Theatre
IntroductionThe National Centre for the Performing Arts, formerly known as the National Grand Th
Yandai Xiejie Street
IntroductionYandai Xiejie ( Tobacco Pipe Lean Street ), a quaint 800-year-old hutong located dir
Deshengmen Arrow Tower
IntroductionDeshengmen Arrow Tower is o­ne of the three well-preserved arrow towers in the i
White Pagoda in Miaoying Temple
IntroductionThe White Pagoda in Miaoying Temple is the earliest o­ne of the Lamaist pagodas,
Ming Dynasty City Wall of Xibian Gate
IntroductionMing Dynasty City Wall of Xibian Gate is located at the northwestern corner of the o
IntroductionShichahai  is a scenic area consisting of three lakes in the north of Beijing i
 Beijing Fuleshan Hotel adress: 21 North Street (Bei Jie), Xihuangchenggen 
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